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Meet Mr Albie

Mr Albie is the lovable teacher and Chief Learning Adventurer of the Cub Wings club. He takes cubs along adventures around the world to explore and learn new and exciting things.

Mr Albie is played by Matthew Alberto, who has worked with kids for several years as a teacher.

He has a Bachelors degree from University of NSW (Sydney, Australia), as well as Masters degree from UCL, University of London (United Kingdom).

Matthew originally taught kids in classrooms using traditional textbook methods. He soon realized that many children were not engaged and did not learn effectively.

So, Matthew searched for a way to use more modern, research-based, active learning methods. His goal now is to make kids learning an experience that moves beyond textbooks and the classroom, and strives to bring a more involved way of learning

Mr Albie is a real person and takes you to real-life places around the world. We provide interactive, educational videos that make your kids feel like they are actually right there.

Mr Albie strongly believes that kids learning is so important because:

“When you learn more, you can do more and be more.”

His wife, Phuong Nguyen is a social worker and has worked with children in early education and development. She has a Bachelors degree in Social Work, with a particular interest in child development.

Using her background and experience, Cub Wings focuses on learning videos for kids teaching children important skills for school and life, including social skills, communication skills, feelings, counting, and motor skills using fun and play.

Together, Matthew and Phuong have two adorable children, who are the true inspirations behind Cub Wings. It is for them, and for other kids just like them, that Cub Wings has the goal to provide free, quality educational videos for kids online which has been seriously lacking in the past.

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