Baby Dinosaurs | Matching Dinosaurs to their Babies at Bounce House Castle for Kids | Cub Wings

Learn about dinosaurs for kids & toddlers by matching baby dinosaurs to their parents at a dinosaur bounce house jumping castle.

We match animals by comparing the features of baby dinosaurs and parent dinosaurs.

Can you help? Follow along Mr Albie and the Cubs by matching the baby dinosaurs to their parents, in this fun kids learning video.

Toddlers and preschoolers can learn about different dinosaurs while developing recognition skills, comparing skills and vocabulary language skills.

We also have a lot of fun and jump around on the dinosaur bounce house jumping castle.

Firstly, we encounter a Stegosaurus and learn about the plates and spikes of the Stegosaurus.

Secondly, we meet a Triceratops and understand that it has three horns on its head.

Next, Mr Albie discovers a Tyrannosaurus Rex who has tiny arms, powerful legs and big teeth. T-Rex lives next to a giant volcano that’s about to erupt!

After that, the kids of Cub Wings learn about the Brachiosaurus dinosaur, who lives in a big jungle maze. This dinosaur has a long neck and four legs.

Finally, we see a Pterodactyl who lives in a bounce house. Pterodactyls have wings and can fly, but are actually reptiles, not dinosaurs.

Do you love dinosaurs?

Come along to play at the dinosaur bounce house and learn all about dinosaurs for preschoolers and toddlers.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.