Dairy Cows For Kids at Cow Farm | Learn What Do Cows Eat & Where Does Milk Come From | Cub Wings

Learn about cows and milk at a cow farm with Mr Albie and Cub Wings in this fun, educational video for kids and preschool. Cows are one of the most important farm animals. Meet real dairy cows on this field trip and discover facts all about cows.

Kids are introduced to a herd of cows at this dairy farm and cow ranch. Watch this kids learning video to learn about the body parts of a cow, the colors of cows and their cow personalities. Also, learn what sounds does a cow make, why cows moo and how cows communicate with each other. Kids even have fun and pretend to be like cows mooing.

Check out the video to see us feeding cows and watching cows eat. Learn what do cows eat, their diet, and how they eat. We also discover cow sleeping habits, which can be strange.

Cows sometimes wear a cow bell when the roam grass fields and wander mountains. We have fun and ring a big cow bell, which kids will love to watch.

We also learn where does milk come from. Dairy cows are important because they provide us milk to drink, and we learn some interesting facts about milk for kids. Kids can learn about the health benefits of milk. We even see and discover some dairy products and foods that are made with milk, such as cheese, pizza, cake, and ice cream!

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.