Excavators for Kids | See Excavators Dig & Learn Parts | Construction Vehicles For Kids | Cub Wings

Learn about excavators for kids with Mr Albie & Cub Wings. We go on a learning adventure field trip to a yellow excavator and purple excavator. We learn the parts of an excavator, then dig with an excavator to discover 3 surprises underground. What will we dig up? Watch to find out.

We learn all the major parts of an excavator, also known as a digger, which is a very popular construction vehicle for kids. We visit a real, big purple excavator to show all these parts up close. The names of these excavator parts include the tracks, rotating platform, cab, controls, boom, arm, bucket, grapple and drill. We also talk about what each of these parts do, how they work and why they are important for an excavator.

Then, we go to a little, mini yellow excavator. We get to operate this yellow excavator and see all of the excavator parts work in action. We dig up the ground using the excavator, move the dirt around, and dump the dirt to other spots using the controls, rotating platform, boom, arm and bucket.

Next, we keep digging with the excavator and we discover 3 surprise items underground. These items include certain toys, and something we did not expect – rubbish and trash. Mr Albie encourages the Cubs and viewers not to pollute and litter, but instead put your rubbish or trash in the bin or trash can.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.