How to Write Numbers 1-100 | Learn to Write with Race Cars | Cub Wings Handwriting Practice For Kids

Learn how to write numbers with this video about numbers and race cars. There’s lots of handwriting practice for kids as they learn numbers 1 to 10, then to 20, up to 100.

Writing numbers for kids and toddlers can be difficult. That’s why we created this video to help young kids get excited about learning how to write numbers, using race cars and car toys to engage the children.

Join Mr Albie and the Cubs as they go on a learning adventure to discover what it takes to handwrite all the numbers from 1 to 100. The story starts off with a new friend, Greenie, who is a green race car. He’s getting ready for his first race, so he needs to choose his race car number, but Greenie doesn’t know how to write numbers yet. Many of our kid viewers and Cubs may also be in the same situation.

So Mr Albie gets the help of a special red race car who is on a big red pencil. This red race car already knows how to write well, and is race car number 21. Mr Albie uses this special red race car pencil to show an easy way to practice writing numbers. It starts by breaking down all numbers into 3 basic lines. These 3 lines include a straight line, a curved line, and a circular or oval line.

Then, Mr Albie, the Cubs and Greenie show kids step-by-step how to write all of the numbers from 1 to 100. By the end of the video, kids can write all of these numbers, and gain more confidence. Greenie also is able to choose his own race car number for his first race. Watch the full video to find out which number he chooses!

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.