Learn About Dinosaurs for Kids | Help Baby Dinosaurs Bubble Roar | Cub Wings Kids Learning Videos

Learn about dinosaurs for kids with bubble dinosaurs! Today’s learning adventure Cubs learn about dinosaurs and bubbles.

Mr Albie creates a world of bubble dinosaurs, teaching the Cubs all about bubble dinosaurs using our imagination. Mr Albie shows the Cubs some baby dinosaur bubble eggs that hatch baby dinosaurs! But there’s one problem, the baby bubble dinosaurs don’t know how to roar bubbles yet. The baby dinosaurs don’t have confidence and are feeling shy.

In order for the baby dinosaurs to learn how to roar bubbles, the Cubs and dinos need to learn more about bubbles. First, Cubs learn all about what a bubble is and how to make bubbles using bubble wands and our hands. The baby dinosaurs also play a bubble dinosaur game and learn how to pop bubbles using their unique dinosaur features. Finally, the baby dinosaurs need to roar bubbles. Mr Albie and the Cubs roar bubbles to encourage the baby dinosaurs to roar with them. Slowly but surely the baby dinosaurs start to roar bubbles too! The learning adventure ends with a bubble dinosaur freeze dance to celebrate!

This educational video for kids helps children learn imaginative play, to think creatively, encourage confidence, gain problem-solving skills and learn about dinosaurs and bubbles.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.