Learn Colors of the Rainbow at Rainbow Playground + Rainbow Song I Cub Wings Kids Learning Videos

Learn colors of the rainbow at the rainbow playground! Follow along with Mr Albie and the cubs on today’s rainbow adventure. We’ll be playing at the rainbow playground and discovering all six colors of the rainbow including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Mr Albie and the cubs will be collecting toys in different areas of the rainbow playground and putting them in a magical rainbow bag. We’ll also have a wonderful rainbow fruit snack and see how colors can be found even in the yummy food we eat!

Mr Albie and the cubs also have a special rainbow song to help you learn all the colors of the rainbow. Sing a long with Mr Albie and the cubs in an official Cub Wings rainbow song.

There are so many colors all around us and what better way to learn the most popular colors for kids by learning all about rainbows! Rainbows are so colorful, but did you know it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow? This is an important lesson in life as there are good days and bad days and we need to appreciate both as they make up who we are.

Kids will learn all the colors of the rainbow, learn to pronounce the colors of the rainbow and learn how to differentiate between colors. Kids will also learn a rainbow song to help remember all the colors of the rainbow.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.