Learn Shapes for Kids at a Restaurant | Cooking Videos for Kids | Cub Wings Kids Learning Videos

Learn shapes for kids! Did you know that shapes can be found everywhere including in food? In this learning adventure we visit a dumpling restaurant and learn 6 different kinds of shapes found in dumplings and more.

First, we’ll learn the different shapes and see examples of different dumplings and what shapes they are. Then Mr Albie will order at the restaurant.

While we wait for the food to arrive, Mr Albie and the Cubs will take an exclusive tour to take a look at how dumplings are made and see the different shapes that can be found there too.

Then Mr Albie and the Cubs eat some freshly made and delicious dumplings and a few other foods and talk about the different shapes found in food.

This is a fun and education video that helps kids learn about shapes in a restaurant. Not only kids will learn the names of shapes, they will be able to recognize the most common shapes in various foods.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.