Sink or Float Experiment With Dinosaurs | Fun DIY Science Experiments For Kids | Cub Wings

In this sink or float experiment video, Mr Albie and the Cubs learn all about why do things sink or float using dinosaurs. Mr Albie explains all about density and how certain objects made from different materials react differently in the water.

But why are we using dinosaurs? Well, recently dinosaur scientists and paleontologists have been researching whether the biggest dinosaurs like the long neck dinosaur brachiosaurus and diplodocus could actually float in water. By doing a sink or float experiment with dinosaurs, Cubs are able to learn about the science behind sink or float experiments but also learn what real paleontologists are doing today. This video encourages kids to start learning and be curious today and that you don’t have to wait till your older to start doing science experiments like a paleontologist.

In this science video for kids, we’ll go through 3 different types of dinosaur objects.

The first are dinosaurs made from different materials. We have a stegosaurus made from plastic, a t-rex made from cardboard and a diplodocus made from felt and cotton.

The next sink or float experiment we’ll look at different dinosaur eggs. The first is an egg made from ice, an egg made from sand and dirt and a chicken egg. We’ve used a chicken egg because chickens are closely related to a type of dinosaur called theropods including the T-Rex.

Lastly, we’ll see what sinks or floats using dinosaur shaped foods. We have dinosaur chocolate coins, dinosaur biscuits and dinosaur shaped pasta.

At the end of the video Mr Albie reveals whether the biggest dinosaurs could sink or float. You’ll need to watch the video to find out whether the biggest dinosaurs can sink or float!

Kids will love this sink or float video as it explains why things sink and float, teaches kids about density, uses different materials to demonstrate how sink or float experiments work and encourages kids to be like real paleontologists by using real research about dinosaurs.

Watch this episode of Cub Wings here.